XStar de Meyra

Individual setting made easy Elegant frame design. Smooth pressure brake Newly designed steering head socket.


  • for long-term care, with adjustment options to carry out different functions, which saves subsequent costs.
  • comes with a comprehensive range of standard equipment, which reduces the need for expensive customisations.
  • minimal wear and tear thanks to the integral design of the frame and the quality of the components.

Ventajas Terapeúticas

  • the optimal smoothness and lightweight design facilitate the independence of the user.
  • can be adjusted to suit various functions and individual needs of the user thanks to precise adjustments of back, seat and chassis.
  • comprehensive range of equipment forlong-term users.


  • for permanent and long-term care.
  • for people with paraplegia.
  • very well suited for various conditions, also for severely disabled people.
  • for users lacking the function of their lower extremities (lateral transfer, propelled with hand rims).